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Wong Global Leadership provides leadership development programs that improve organizational performance, whether they are targeted at individual executives, specific teams or broad-scale change efforts across entire companies. We support individuals to become the leaders they want to be, and companies to create leaders people want to follow.

Our approach is tailored: we identify the unique leadership challenges of each company and design programs to meet those specific needs. We bring our years of coaching experience and our bespoke Integral Growth Model to build programs that go beyond the surface and encourage lasting change.

As certified facilitators in Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead™ and Wendy Palmer’s Leadership Embodiment, we are uniquely positioned to bring their learnings on leading with authenticity and influencing with impact to organizations internationally.


Our programs are highly customizable, designed to meet your organizational goals and objectives and sized for your purposes. We offer both long-term programs aimed at driving lasting change as well as leadership workshops. Please read below for more details of our offerings.

Unlocking Courageous Leadership Program
A unique program inspired by Dr. Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead and Wendy Palmer’s Leadership Embodiment and mindfulness work. Ideal for organizations aspiring to drive innovation and change in their work culture.
Dare to Lead™ by Dr. Brené Brown
A research-driven courage building program that teaches people to lead with courage and build authentic connections, based on the impactful work of Dr Brené Brown and her New York Times bestselling book “Dare to Lead”. Ideal for organizations who want to build a courageous and inclusive leadership culture.
Leadership Embodiment by Wendy Palmer
Leadership Embodiment supports leaders to develop body and mind awareness for conscious leadership based in neuroscience and mindfulness. Ideal for organizations who want to build a strong foundation of mindfulness in their leaders.


  • Identification of your organization’s needs and priority development areas
  • Development of a leadership culture based on authenticity, inclusiveness and shared purpose
  • Improvement in the ability of your leaders to advocate, influence and create impact
  • Increased ability to manage tough conversations through encouraging direct conversations and taking action

Our highly customizable
programs can include:

  • Matching with a coach or facilitator with experience relevant to your needs
  • Program development based on your organizational goals
  • Pre-program assessments for participants (if applicable)
  • Virtual or in-person workshops, which can be customized to half-day, one-day or two-day sessions
  • Ongoing coaching to support learning throughout the program, either through 1:1 coaching, peer coaching or group coaching, based on your needs
  • Post-program evaluation

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