Founder Angie Wong developed the Integral Growth Model based on her 20+ years of experience as a top executive coaching senior leader. Backed by cutting-edge research, this is a tailor-made program to bring your whole self to leadership for lasting, transformational change.


Your authenticity as an individual determines whether others will take your lead.
Because of this, we focus on maturing the inner game of consciousness before coaching extrinsic skills.

  • We believe that great leadership is connected with the deepest parts of ourselves: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.
  • Our unique approach consists of eight modules that will lead to long-term, sustainable change within individuals and organizations, to whom we offer tailored leadership development with our accredited ICF coaches and facilitators.
  • We have some of the best executive coaches, leadership and development consultants in Hong Kong specializing in transformative leadership workshops and women’s leadership development.
  • Using proven tools that include a range of 360 assessments, psychometric tests, and personality tests, we assist clients to understand their own leadership style and strengths to create sustainable, authentic leaders.


We begin by working within to lead with authenticity through four intelligences, emphasizing well-being to bring our whole self to leadership.

Physical Intelligence (PQ)
Create sustained shifts in our leadership behaviors by tapping into the wisdom of our bodies. Expand our leadership presence and be more centered.

Intellectual Intelligence (IQ)
Using a growth mindset, transform our self limiting beliefs and reframe our mental models. Reshape our life stories to lead with courage.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
Based on a mindfulness approach to help train our mind be calm and clear on demand. Create awareness about how you get hooked on to emotions and shift our auto pilot patterns.

Spiritual Intelligence (SQ)
Define your purpose and values to bring authenticity to your leadership style and to create sustainable impact in work and life.

Wong Global Leadership’s
Integral Growth Model



With the inner work, we continue building and leveraging on our extrinsic capabilities to to further develop our whole-self and empower others.

Social Intelligence.
Leaders need to build the capacity to influence people by building trust and cultivate empathy.

What sets a high performing, high-potential emerging leaders apart from peers is the ability to influence. Bring your authenticity and courage to a conversation.

Executive Presence.
Discover ways to build leadership presence, to advocate with clarity and confidence, and to project a compelling personal brand.

Trusted Support Network.
Explore the importance of networks, debunk some common misconceptions and establish a community of mentors and sponsors.


Underpinning all of our services is access to a wide range of 360 assessments, EQ assessments, culture and team surveys, personality tests and psychometric tests including Myers-Briggs, FIRO-B, Leadership Circle Profiling, Hogan and many more. These assessments help us to develop tailored programs for leaders, executives, and organizations based on their leadership style and needs.


All of our programs are highly customizable and developed based on the individual or organizations’ needs to effect transformative leadership. We believe in working collaboratively with clients to address key issues through custom designed solutions that will bring sustainable change with the best certified executive coaches in Hong Kong.


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