Leading from Within: Program for Women


Gender parity is fundamental for our societies and our businesses to thrive, and in recent years women have made important gains in representation at the workplace. However, according to the recent study McKinsey & Company 2021 Women in the Workplace, there are still persistent gaps in the pipeline, including promotions at the first step up to manager.

According to the World Economic Forum it will take 108 years for the gender gap to close. Gender research studies revealed the common challenges of women in the workplace includes a tendency to manage the unpromotable workload instead of strategic initiatives, and a difficulty in speaking up and asserting themselves in their organizations.

At Wong Global Leadership, we support the development of women leaders and inspire them to celebrate the unique strengths they bring to leadership. We encourage companies to value diversity and appreciate the amazing results that happen when women are allowed to show up and be seen. Our Leading from Within: Program for Women aims to tackle the challenges highlighted in research around the world and seeks to address the confidence gap, supporting women to develop mental, emotional and physical well-being to enhance their higher thinking, creativity, innovation through energy management.

Our Leading from Within: Program for Women is available for women in Hong Kong, Asia, Europe and the United States. We guide women through a holistic approach to become the leaders they want to be, and support organizations to build more inclusive cultures where people feel equally valued and seen. Our program supports women to lead from within, defining what they want from their lives and what they are called to do. Our clients have gone on to become confident, influential women leaders, having built careers that engage their talents. They have discovered their unique leadership style and found balance in their careers and at home.

Highly customizable program to suit your organizational needs:

  • Five core modules that can be delivered as workshops (1/2 day, 1 day or 2 days in duration) or as part of a longer term program
  • Based on the Integral Growth Model and leveraging the work of Brené Brown and Wendy Palmer
  • Attendees receive both in-depth guidance as well as practical tools and strategies that encourage long-term change
  • Additional coaching offered as an option throughout the process to provide bespoke support to individuals, either through 1:1 or group coaching based on the organizational needs

Program Structure

The Leading from Within: Program for Women consists of five core modules aimed at supporting women to discover their unique leadership style and learn how to apply it.

Module 1: Understanding Who We Are – Power of Vulnerability

  • Deepen awareness of our strengths and opportunities for growth
  • Recognize the armors that gets in the way and embrace vulnerability

Module 2: Strengthening Resilience

  • Scrutinize how our body and habitual behaviors can impact the way we think and speak, and practice centering to respond more skillfully under stress
  • Cultivate our leadership presence of inclusiveness and centered listening

Module 3: Clarifying Our Values

  • Understand why values matter and define our core values
  • Identify behaviors in alignment with our values and set commitments to live in them

Module 4: Building Connection and Trust

  • Use the BRAVING framework to understand the elements of trust
  • Enhance our trust building skills and build meaningful connections

Module 5: Reshaping Our Stories and Rising Strong

  • Understand and stay curious about our emotions
  • Discover stories and internal dialogues that shape us, and rewrite our stories to rise strong

Program Outcomes:

  • Bring your whole selves to leadership with vulnerability and authenticity and have the courage to show up and be heard and be seen for who you are
  • Recognize mindsets and behavioral patterns that pull you back
  • Develop the confidence and communication skills to advocate for what is important to you
  • Create clear paths for your careers and lives by leading from your core values and purpose
  • Understand your emotions and start shifting your limiting dialogues to lead
  • Build trust and deeper connection with yourself and others
  • Use mindfulness as the foundation for sustainable growth

Who Should Attend?

  • Female Leaders with high aspiration and potential to take on a next step in their leadership journey.
  • Human resources professionals aspiring to drive innovation and change in their work culture

What You Get:

  • Pre-program reflections and materials
  • Program workbook
  • Post-program resources to sustain the practices
  • Establish self-directed peer coaching within the group
  • Peer online networking with the community of women leaders

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