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Wong Global Leadership provides best-in-class executive coaching globally led by accredited ICF coaches. Our executive coaching programs are for individuals who want to make lasting changes in their lives and in their work, to expand their potential and enhance their leadership qualities.

Now more than ever, demands are placed on leaders to connect and inspire those they lead to stay engaged, and to bring their full self to leadership. We believe the key is to first work within ourselves. We seek to get to the root of chronic, life-long patterns that block growth and support clients to address their leadership challenges. With a focus on sustainable growth, we support clients to identify what holds them back and give them the tools they need to build a new, stronger and lasting foundation for authentic leadership.

Our accredited ICF coaches are qualified to offer a wide range of assessments and socialize the results with the individual and within your organization. This includes 360 assessments, EQ assessments, culture and team surveys, personality tests and psychometric tests including Myers-Briggs, FIRO-B, Leadership Circle Profiling, Hogan and many more.

A coaching journey with Wong Global Leadership is a transformational process, redefining both professional and personal spheres, leveraging not only our bespoke Integral Growth Model but the work of Brené Brown Dare to Lead™ on authenticity and Wendy Palmer on Leadership Embodiment to achieve sustainable growth that lasts with our dedicated coaching services.

Clients typically engage us for coaching to:

  • Identify strengths and development areas to grow strategically into their role
  • Develop confidence to navigate through a period of transition or change
  • Gain self-awareness for mindset and behavioral shifts to achieve performance targets
  • Create culture change and support leaders to role model the desired behaviors
  • Develop a coaching style to engage their people and team for  business goals
  • Provide group, team or peer coaching on specific areas of focus

Coaching outcomes:

  • Build confidence and courage in facing uncertain and volatile situations
  • Cultivate your unique leadership style and develop your authentic presence
  • Cultivate integral wellness in your body, mind, and spirit
  • Create sustainable mindfulness practices to be calm on demand
  • Recognize and overcome the beliefs that may be holding you back
  • Understand your emotions and practice empathy to build trust
  • Define your purpose and values and put them into action
  • Improve your influencing skills by learning to tackle tough conversations
  • Build your network to create a community of trusted confidants and sponsors

Our highly customizable, one-to-one executive coaching
program will include:

  • Matching with an experienced and accredited transformational coach to craft a customized discovery process suited to your needs and your goals
  • In-depth, exclusive introspective assessments we developed to support you in gaining insights into your full self
  • Regular scheduled monthly coaching sessions available face-to-face or in virtual
  • Best-in-class materials from Brené Brown for developing the skillsets of courageous leadership to have tough conversations, hold yourselves and others accountable, and reset after setbacks
  • Cutting edge practice tools based on Leadership Embodiment techniques – integrating neural science and mindfulness principles to increase leadership capacity and resilience
  • Ongoing support throughout the program with emails and calls

Contact us or view our current coaching offerings for more information on how executive coaching can support you.

Program Structure

Our program can be customized for short term engagement (3-5 months) supporting immediate needs, or long term journey (7-9 months) for in-depth discovery and sustainable transformation. A typical program may include:

Discovery & Scoping

  • Discuss coaching objectives, desired outcomes, and measures of success
  • Agree on scope and type of assessments
  • Identify stakeholders for input and support

Needs assessment

  • Gather background information on individual and organization
  • Conduct 360 assessment, personality and behavior instruments (eg. Hogan, MBTI, FIRO-B, The Leadership Circle) if applicable
  • Perform integral assessments to better understand internal states

Define Goals

  • Debrief assessment and clarify objectives
  • Agree on specific, measurable outcomes
  • Design initial self-development activities

1-on-1 Coaching & Practice

  • Create development plan
  • Identify underlying assumptions, gain new perspectives, act & experiment, and reflect
  • Increase leadership capacity through self-observations and practices to achieve transformative change

Evaluation & Follow-up

  • Reflect on development journey and integrate insights into long-term sustainable impact
  • Identify post-coaching integration process

What Our Coaching Clients Say:

Belinda Hau

Belinda Hau HR Director

"Angie helped me to establish sustainable practices and changes in behaviours which resulted in a positive career change for me. Her approach is to help me identify what was truly important to me, and how to realise my goals in both business and personal contexts."

Felix Chan

Felix Chan VP of Sales Asia

"Because of her experience in the corporate world, Angie could relate easily to my specific circumstances whilst providing me with support and practical advice during the coaching. Overall, I have become more mindful, appreciative, and productive in both my work and family lives."

Steve Marler

Steve Marler SVP Global Manufacturing & Quality

"As an experienced leader, I enjoyed my journey of discovery with Angie who enabled me to tap into new thought patterns, self-reflection, tools and spotting opportunities for change to push my leadership capability to a new level."


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