21 6 月, 2022

Coming Home to Self – Savor Every Moment

Hard to believe that it has al...
6 1 月, 2022

Every Moment is a New Beginning

I welcome 2022 seeing every mo...
17 1 月, 2020

Navigate volatility with courage – A case study in Integral Growth

In challenging business enviro...
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12 12 月, 2019

Celebrating 2019: Reflecting on My Journey

2019 was an incredible year of...
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4 4 月, 2019

Show Up and Be Seen For Who You Are – The Integral Growth for Women in Leadership Workshop

On February 23-24, I launched …

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1 6 月, 2018

Are you confident managing up?

Imagine this: your manager is …

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1 4 月, 2018

What do Great Leaders Have in Common? (It’s Not What You Think)

According to the Harvard Busin…

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4 2 月, 2018

Want to be a great leader? Focus on authenticity.

When we think of leadership, w…

10 5 月, 2017

Gender bias creates a double bind for women

Today more than any time in hi…

6 4 月, 2017

Mindfulness – Making it a habit

Mindfulness has proven to bring various benefits to life, including improving the quality of sleep, level of calmness and even becoming a more effective leader. Various companies…

8 3 月, 2017

Build Confidence in Your Vision

The theme of this year’s Inter…

8 2 月, 2017

The Importance of Vision

We often are so caught up in t…

23 1 月, 2017

How to manage your energy

How often do we hear leaders s…

9 1 月, 2017

Understanding Your Scripts

A new year, a fresh start. The…

ANGIE WONG is the founder of Wong Global Leadership, and an accredited international executive coach (ICF PCC) with more than 20 years of experience as a top finance executive. She has empowered leaders around the globe to find their true voice to become confident, influential leaders.

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