On February 23-24, I launched the Integral Growth for Women in Leadership workshop with my partner Farah Shahed. The workshop brings together years of my coaching work and executive experiences as a corporate leader. It integrates the Integral Growth model I use with my clients with Brené Brown’s Dare To Lead and Wendy Palmer’s Leadership Embodiment work.

Our first workshop included 18 amazing women. They came from backgrounds as diverse as advertising, law, market research, finance, healthcare and the non-profit sector, but seeing the common humanity they shared made them feel that they were not alone and that made them feel both safe and able to be vulnerable.

Here are some samples of what participants had to say:

“Angie and Farah designed an impactful 2-day journey of self discovery and future purpose. The collaboration and sharing in the room was inspiring.”

Natalie Ackerman, EVP, Jack Morton Worldwide

“If you embrace this course full-heartedly and let your heart open up to new possibilities, it will be a life changing moment.”

Gabriella Zanzanaini, Director of Pipeline Initiatives, The Women’s Foundation

“After 2 days, I feel so much better equipped for everyday and also with greater clarity over where I am headed. I feel I can finally live from the heart and not the head.”

Georgina de Rocquigny, Founder, Untapped Branding

I designed the Integral Growth for Women in Leadership Workshop because I wanted to:

  • Provide an integrated way for women to find themselves as leaders
  • Help more women lead from within, defining what they want from life from themselves and not from the world around them
  • Encourage more women to be authentic to who they really are and make the conscious choice to speak up for what they believe, even in the face of uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure
  • Show companies that being authentic and vulnerable will create leaders that connect deeply with others and inspire trust in their teams

The workshop creates an inclusive space and a supportive framework to help women lead from their values, articulate their vision and have the confidence to show up and be seen for who they are. Over the course of two days, we help women understand not just the limiting beliefs that have held them back but the strengths that will propel them forward. We challenge them to put aside the armor that hides them from the world and reckon with vulnerability. We help women define their purpose. We show them how to build inclusive presences that make other people feel seen, as well as how to advocate with clarity and precision.

If you are curious about what it could feel like to bring your whole self to leadership and how being authentic and vulnerable can help you be a better leader, come and join one of our upcoming workshops. You can email us at [email protected] to reserve your space now.

We can also customize the workshop for your company, contact us here for more details.

I am excited to finally be able to offer this holistic and integrated development approach publicly to benefit women at large. I look forward to providing more updates on the program as we roll it out more widely.