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Wong Global Leadership provides best-in-class executive coaching in Hong Kong and Asia led by accredited ICF coaches. Our executive coaching programs are for individuals who want to make lasting changes in their lives and in their work.

At Wong Global Leadership we seek to get to the root of chronic, life-long patterns that block growth to help our clients address their leadership challenges. With a focus on sustainable growth, we help clients identify their limits and give them the tools they need to build a new, stronger and lasting foundation for authentic leadership.

A coaching journey with Wong Global Leadership has brought powerful, life-changing experiences for many of our clients. The level of compassion that our coaches bring to the relationship is unparalleled, resulting in change that exceeds expectations. It is a transformational process, redefining both professional and personal spheres, leveraging not only our bespoke Integral Growth Model but the work of Brené Brown on authenticity and Wendy Palmer on Leadership Embodiment.

Coaching outcomes:

  • Cultivate your unique leadership style and presence with the Integral Growth Model
  • Learn to lead with authenticity, courage and whole-heartedness
  • Define your purpose and values and put them into action
  • Identify your strengths and learn how to leverage them
  • Recognize and overcome the beliefs that are holding you back
  • Gain self-awareness and practice empathy to influence others
  • Improve your communication skills by learning to tackle tough conversations and connect with others
  • Achieve sustainable growth that lasts

Our one-to-one executive coaching
program will include:

  • A bespoke program built to your needs and based on your goals
  • Matching with an experienced and accredited coach
  • Clear identification of goals and expectation setting with you and your corporate sponsor as needed
  • Regular scheduled monthly coaching sessions
  • Ongoing support throughout the program with emails and calls
  • Best-in-class leadership materials from Brené Brown, Wendy Palmer and more
  • Access to quality assessments vetted by our team including 360 assessments, personality and psychometric tests
  • Engagement with stakeholders, HR partners or corporate sponsors needed to support your journey
  • Evaluation of the program and its impact

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