Dare to Lead™ Program

Dare Greatly. Lead Courageously.


Courage and Authentic Connections

Organizations are undergoing rapid changes in these volatile and uncertain times, with leaders across functional teams faced with individual challenges and constraints.

It is human nature to push for our own interest and agenda – in doing so, we forget to work as a whole to drive goals aligned with the organizational values.

How do we achieve effective collaboration across teams? We believe it has to start from within each of us – we tend to put on armors to push through sticky situations – but this pushes away genuine connections too. We need to have the courage to embrace our vulnerability, engage in tough feedback conversations, and share our successes and challenges – so we can expand our potential, build trust and authentic connections to rise strong in demanding situations.

Our Dare to Lead™ program is an empirically based courage-building program based on 20 years of research by Dr. Brené Brown. Join us to become a daring and courageous leader by building the four skill sets of courageous leadership that are tactical, actionable, and practical.

Learning Goals:

  • Understand why vulnerability matters as a leader and as a person
  • Able to tackle tough conversations and move to straight talk and action
  • Practice empathetic leadership and lead with warmth instead of from fear
  • Learn to build trust and create meaningful connection
  • Identify your personal values and behaviors that support them

A highly customizable courage-building program for your organization:


Delivered by a certified Dare to Lead™ facilitator for the first time in Hong Kong, our unique program serves as a glue for organizations seeking to better engage team members and enhance cross-team collaboration through these changing times.

Our program offers the space for team members to work individually within themselves, and challenge each other to choose courage over comfort.

By the end of the program, team members will learn practical and actionable tools to build connections through empathy, manage tough conversations, give and receive direct feedback and take actions. The outcome is the development of a strong and authentic team culture based on shared purpose and goals.


Format and Topics:

Our full program is designed to be delivered in-person or virtual, in 12 modules for 3 days. To suit your specific organization needs, we can customize the program into a lighter version with individual modules you select in any combinations.

Module 1 – The Heart of Daring Leadership

  • Learn about daring leadership and the four practical skillsets while beginning to practice advocating for yourself


Module 2 – Rumbling with Vulnerability

  • Understand the role of courage in daring leadership and dispel myths surrounding vulnerability


Module 3 – Shame

  • Recognize how shame, scarcity, and comparison show up in the workplace and affect engagement, trust, and connection


Module 4: Empathy

  • Understand the components of empathy and common barriers that interfere with meaningful connection


Module 5: Armored vs. Daring Leadership

  • Recognize the armor that gets in the way of daring leadership


Module 6: Grounded Confidence & Rumbling Skills

  • Learn how curiosity and rumble skills can be practiced to develop grounded confidence

Module 7: Living into Our Values

  • Identify your core values and the behaviors that support these values; learn the skills for tough conversations including giving and receiving feedback


 Module 8: BRAVING Trust

  • Learn how trust is essential to building meaningful connection and use the BRAVING inventory as a way of understanding and discussing the elements of trust


Module 9: The Rising Strong Process

  • Learn the importance of curiosity and managing emotion


Module 10: Rumbling with our SFDs

  • Experience how writing our Shitty First Draft (SFD) helps make meaning of our experiences; identify patterns of over/ under-functioning


Module 11: The Revolution & Closing

  • Reflect and determine how you will integrate key learnings from this course into your professional life


Module 12: Reflection and Discussion of Key Insights

  • Reflect on key themes, strategies and tools from this workshop and what you can do differently and develop and action plan for going forward

Who Should Attend?

  • Any executives and leaders from organizations or work teams of any sizes
  • Any individuals interested in developing and better engaging with their teams
  • Human resources professionals aspiring to drive innovation and change in their work culture

Note: To ensure participants fully benefit from this program, class size would be limited to an intimate setting.

What You Get:

  • Dare to Lead™ course workbook
  • Dare to Lead™ Trained certificate
  • Dare to Lead™ Trained badge for your online profile
  • Establish self-directed peer coaching within the group
  • Peer online networking with the community of leaders

Note: This training does not certify participants to train others in this work.


Ready to show up for who you are and build authentic connections?

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