Women Leadership Program

The Client: 
A Well-Known Global Insurance
and Financial Service Company

The Challenge:
How do you help a group of emerging women leaders to find their voice and their influence within an insurance and financial services company?

The Solution:
We facilitated an in-depth two-day leadership program to help the women leaders gain a deeper understanding of their influencing style through Influencing Style and 360 assessments. Clinic sessions allowed for practical roleplays of the models taught and enhanced their skills through peer-to-peer learning.

what they said
All participants rated both value and enjoyment of the program as 4 or above in a scale of 5.

Some quotes from the women leaders:
“I learned to play on my strength in influencing people and to align with others’ objectives and to tone down my negative voice.”

“I learned to be more confident and to project more strongly as a leader and to express my views with conviction and speak up more.”

“I have more skills in managing up and across.”


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