The Client: 
A Leading American
Multinational Technology Company

The Challenge:
How do you develop the skills of a sales force so that they can expand to new markets?

The Solution:
Wong Global Leadership deployed two EQ Leader Assessment and Training programs to the Senior Sales Directors and Sales Managers across Asia in the company. Within the program, EQ assessments supported the leaders in gaining more insights of their emotional competencies. Onsite training and coaching helped them better recognize, regulate and express their emotions. Leaders were trained on how to better relate to customers’ needs and improve collaboration among the team, in turn driving business performance.

what they said
Senior Sales Director: “EQ is strategic resources to help us to achieve the goal and to have better stakeholder management. The higher position, the higher EQ is needed. I do believe a true leader is to help others dream more, learn more and achieve more. Less top down but more on seeking commitment.”

Market Sales Manager: “It is really helpful in that EQ can help to build a healthy climate within the team and relationship with individuals, to achieve the common goal. It increases self-awareness on emotions and how would it affect others. It is a good reminder of how our emotions affect us and those we interact with. There are good additional tools like balancing feeling in addition to logic to communicate and make decisions.”


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