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Wong Global Leadership provides the best-in-class executive coaching in Hong Kong and Asia. The executive coaching program is led by accredited ICF coaches for individuals who want to make a lasting change in their lives and in their work.

At Wong Global Leadership we seek to get to the root of chronic, life-long patterns that block growth to help our clients address their leadership challenges. With a focus on sustainable growth, Wong Global Leadership helps clients identify their limitations and gives them the tools they need to build a new, stronger foundation for authentic and transformative leadership that lasts.

A coaching journey with Wong Global Leadership has brought powerful, life-changing experiences for many of our clients. The level of compassion that our coaches bring to the relationship is unparalleled, resulting in change that exceeds expectations. It is a transformative process, redefining your professional and personal experiences.

Coaching outcomes
for individuals:

  • Cultivate your unique leadership style
  • Identify your strengths and learn how to leverage them
  • Gain self-awareness to influence others
  • Recognize and overcome the beliefs that are holding  you back
  • Discover and practice new leadership skills
  • Achieve sustainable growth with authentic and transformative leadership that lasts

Our one-to-one executive coaching
package includes:

  • Pre-coaching consultation and expectation-setting with the coach, client or/and corporate sponsor
  • Stakeholder interviews and/or direct observations
  • A range of tailored assessments to choose from including 360 assessments, personality tests, psychometric tests, Myer-Briggs, FIRO-B, Leadership Circle Profiling, Hogan, Workplace Big Five, Birkman, and other professional assessments
  • Goal setting to clarify coaching outcomes
  • Regular scheduled monthly coaching sessions over 6 months or longer, based on executive needs
  • Support by email and brief phone calls
  • Post-coaching consultation

We also offer corporate group coaching and team coaching. Please inquire for more information.


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